Can you feel the change in the weather? The last few mornings there has been humidity in the air and this will bring changes from spring pattern to summer pattern and lots more regular fishing opportunities. Offshore action is in full swing, deep dropping and all in between. One of the most notable catches of the week was Capt. Adam Peebles going 3 for 3 on daytime swordfish on Wednesday 5-9-18. Also starting this Friday the live bait boat will be back in action.


Offshore Fishing:

There is pretty water running from just south of the Ozark back towards the nipple and down to the steps. Wahoo action is consistent on Yozuri Bonita lures and Islander Lures wigged with ballyhoo. Tuna are hitting cedar plugs running behind birds. Dolphin are hitting Soft Head Lures.


Deep Dropping:

Pretty consistent catches of Tilefish, Snowy Grouper, and Barrel Grouper. The daytime swordfish action is downright good, as mentioned earlier one boat going 3 for 3 this week. For Swordfish, fish the spur and the wall between the nipple and the steps.


Near Shore Trolling:

The kings are doing very well, fish all through Southeast Rocks, Broken Bottom, 18’s Timber Holes. You can troll live Cigar Minnows or a variety of lures. Some of the better lures are Yozuri Vibes, Yozuri Crystal minnows, and Live Target Cigar minnow lures. A good supply of chicken dolphin and loads of Bonita.


Bottom Fishing:

Amberjacks are the main target, Shimano Flat Fall jigs are working well. For live bait fishing catch come live hardtails or herring and fish a 10ft 80lb leader over wrecks. Mingo Snapper and Trigger Fish are on natural bottom and reefs structure. Cut mackerel and quid for bait.


Surf Fishing:

Calmer surf conditions and the sheer number of Hardtails and Ladyfish have slowed the bite of Pompano some but action is still steady on Shrimp, Sand Fleas, and Fishbites. The afternoons seem better than the mornings as when the wind kicks up the water freshens and the fish become more active. Sharks are biting cut mullet and Bonita after dark in good numbers.


Pier Fishing:

Like the surf the pier seems to be better in the afternoon when the wind is blowing, some very nice sized Spanish mackerel on cigar minnows and Gotcha lures. Kings are biting Rapalla X raps and Yozuri Vibe lures. They have started spotting tarpon but none caught yet, first one could be landed any day. Hogy lures will be the most popular baits.


Bay Fishing:

Trout and reds are out biting, early morning and late afternoon will be a fun topwater bite, during the day a live shrimp or small baitfish drifted over the flats will bring the best action.