There are two weeks left to catch Amberjack and Triggerfish for a while so I would take advantage and get some put away in the freezer while you can. With temps warming, even more, watch for the LY’s to start dying any day, this is a good thing as when this happens is when the Tarpon bite will turn on.


Deep Dropping:

The daytime swordfish bite is staying steady whit more and more people getting it wired. Tilefish and Snowy Grouper action has been steady to good.


Trolling Nearshore:

King Mackerel have been biting regularly over natural bottom and reef structure, still some reports of Blackfin Tuna and the Chicken Dolphin are quite steady.


Trolling Offshore:

Wahoo and Dolphin action is good, reports on Blue Marlin and White Marlin are also coming in. Look to troll temp breaks and water color changes. For this info, you can get a subscription to Roff’s, Rip Charts or Hiltons.


Bottom Fishing:

Black Snapper fly-lining live baits over natural bottom, Mingo Snapper, and Triggers; fishing cut squid and cut Mackerel over hard bottom and reefs. Red Grouper and Scamp fishing near deeper ledges and drops.


Surf Fishing:

A few Pompano still around mixed with lots of Ladyfish and Blue Runners, Shark fishing at night is awesome!!


Pier Fishing:

Kings bite on the days the wind blows, this should be a good week pier fishing with the weather coming in, wind and rain in the forecast. They have not caught a Tarpon yet but will any day. Spanish, Ladyfish, and Hardtails are in the mix as well.


Bay Fishing:

Trout and Reds fishing topwater baits early mornings and late afternoons over the grass flats. During the day switch to live shrimp or soft plastics and fish a little deeper where the water is cooler.