Tarpon fishing is off the hook good, Fly Liner Charters with Capt Pat Dineen reports catching and releasing 97 Tarpon since the 1st of June

8ft Medium to Medium Heavy Rod 
Shimano Teramar TMC80MH or TMC80mHB

Medium Heavy Spinning Reel with 20-40lb Braid
Shimano Saragosa 10,000 with Power Pro Super Slick

20-30ft of 30lb Fluorocarbon Topshot connected with FG Knot
Yo-Zuri Pink Fluorocarbon is best!!

2-3ft of 40-60lb Fluorocarbon Leader connected with Albright Knot Yo-Zuri Pink Fluorocarbon is best!!

Snelled 7/0 Owner Mutu Light Hook

Keys to Success

1. Have a breakaway anchor system
2. Never try chasing schools of tarpon to get a bite, let them come to you
3. Always when fighting the fish pull towards the tail for maximum fighting power
4. Present your bait such that the tarpons finds the bait not that the bait finds the Tarpon!!
5. Best areas on the east side are Grayton Beach to San Destin 
6. Best areas on the west side are from the Okaloosa Pier to the Navarre Pier
7. Catch plenty of live cigar minnows, Herring and Threadfin herring for bait.
8. Anchor up on the sand bar with a good pair of Costa Del Mar sunglasses and start looking for free swimming or rolling fish.