The most important gear on your kayak is your safety equipment!

Always wear your flotation vest. This is vital to your safety when traveling in open waters. Purchase a comfortable boat cushion for your kayak seat. Some kayaks come with a comfortable seat and some you have to purchase separately. The seat can also be a great flotation device.

Be sure to have a weather radio and VHF with you so you will not be caught in any unexpected weather situations or any other emergency situations where you can't contact Coast Guard to be rescued. Always keep an eye on the weather and be alert of any sudden weather changes. Florida has a tendency to produce dangerous storms at the drop of a dime.

Always carry a first aid kit when you are out kayaking. Who knows what could happen? Getting stuck by a hook or any injury could result in an emergency situation. Be sure to always be aware of your surrounding, understand that it can be dangerous if you are not careful out there in Mother Nature.

Know your physical limitations when you are out kayak fishing. Sometimes bad currents and high surf will cause you to exert a lot of energy. Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated and make sure to bring and wear plenty of sunscreen.

Follow these tips for kayak fishing in saltwater and you will be sure to have many successful kayak fishing trips.