Educate yourself about weather conditions before you set out in a kayak.

Oregon Scientific Pro Weather Station

Make sure you've had proper instruction for the kayak that you plan to use. Check the daily weather forecast, especially predicted wind speeds. Be aware of tidal conditions, currents, and water levels. Under normal circumstances, you should allow for a minimum paddling time of two miles per hour. Keep an eye on the weather radar while you're out, because storms can pop up unexpectedly, and you'll need to stay informed throughout the day about developing conditions. Get a VHF radio and tune into the weather channel or download weather apps for your smart phone. We also sell this Pro Weather Station complete with weather forecast, Atomic time, wind speed & direction, indoor & outdoor temperature & humidity, barometric pressure with bar graph, and rainfall reading with bar graph. An integrated wireless wind sensor tower has separate wireless sensors for rainfall, temperature and humidity for easier setup.