One of the most effective and efficient ways to go scalloping is out of a kayak. Instead of spending money for gas to get to a loaded scallop spot, get out there and go to all those tight spots where you can't launch a boat.

scallopsA kayak is a perfect way to spend your day scalloping without the hassles of crowded boat launches, money for gas and the ease of getting on and off your boat.

Port St. Joe has a great scallop population and has many places that you can launch your kayak. Stop by Half Hitch in Port St. Joe or any one of the Half Hitch locations to pick up your scalloping gear.

For starters, here is what you'll need to go kayak scalloping.

  • Kayak and paddle
  • Dive mask
  • Dive fins
  • Snorkel
  • Gloves
  • Dive flag
  • Dive/scallop/net bag

Here are the 7 steps to good kayak scalloping:

  1. Find a good easy launch spot because you can practically launch your kayak anywhere. Be sure to check your FWC fishing regulations on the laws and season for scalloping.
  2. Paddle your kayak to the desired scalloping location. Scallops feed on sea grass so look for areas with plenty of sea grass. Look for waters with healthy currents.
  3. Put on your dive mask, snorkel, fins and gloves. Display your dive flag visibly and securely by attaching it to the kayak.
  4. Dive into the water with your net bag and swim to the bottom. Swim in a smooth and calm manner to avoid stirring up silt, which can complicate your ability to see.
  5. Once you find the scallops, pick them off the bottom one by one and place them into your net bag. Leave the smaller scallops to give them time to grow larger.
  6. Swim up and put your full net bag or bucket inside the kayak.
  7. Carefully crawl on top of your kayak to avoid flipping it when you are finished scalloping.

Have a great time and GET OUT THERE! 

Contact Half Hitch Pro Dave Posey at 850-797-9632 or for kayak questions and tips.