HH-DavePoseyHere are a few quick tips for the beginner kayak fisher:

  1. Grab a guide or stop by Half Hitch for info and talk to our Kayak Pro Dave Posey. If you’re a beginner, take somebody who knows their stuff. You can find kayak fishing experts in Destin, FL who will take you out on the water. Kayak Fishing Destin offers guided inshore and offshore kayak fishing around Northwest Florida. (www.kayakfishingdestin.com)
  2. Dress to get wet when you go kayak fishing in Northwest Florida. Chances are, you’ll end up in the water at least once or twice during your kayak fishing trip. Sometimes cotton clothes—although a natural choice—wind up clinging to your body, which can be really uncomfortable. A dry suit might be a good idea
  3. Don’t wind in too much line. Struggling with the technical stuff is no fun, especially if it upsets your balance. Experienced fishing people give themselves a rod’s length of line.
  4. Fish are simple creatures, and you don’t want to scare them off. You don’t have to paddle furiously to get a good drift and you’ll have better luck with your catch if you allow your kayak to drift along the water with a minimum of paddling. Fortunately, this means less work for you.
  5. Be safe. This might seem obvious, but always be careful about inclement weather before you go out on the water. If you’re not with a guide, take a friend or family member, and always let somebody know where you’re going.

These tips are just to get your started. If you follow these tips, you will start to get a hang of kayak fishing. Then, you can start catching some fish and braving the water at the same time. . Now, go have some fun on your kayak or stop by Half Hitch Tackle to get started on your kayak journey.