June 01

June is the start of red snapper season! Snapper season should always open June 1 in federal waters. In some years, it opens in late May for state waters. Read more about snapper regulations at http://myfwc.com/fishing/saltwater/recreational/snappers/.

Tarpon will be cruising the beach. Wahoo, dolphin, tuna and marlin will be biting offshore.

Kings and chicken dolphin will inhabit near shore reefs and wrecks. A few cobia will hang around all summer on near shore reefs, wrecks and FADs. (Note: A FAD is a fish aggregation device, a man-made object used to attract ocean going pelagic fish such as marlin, tuna and mahi-mahi. They usually consist of buoys or floats tethered to the ocean floor with concrete blocks.) Backcountry fishing will produce trout and reds will be active on the flats and deepwater docks.

June-02Near Shore

Tarpon Fishing

Tarpon will be all along the coast. They are one of the most exciting species to catch but also offer quite the challenge. 

To catch tarpon from a boat, start 5 or 10 miles down the beach from the pass in either direction. Tarpon don’t bite as well with all the boat traffic around the pass, especially with our very clear water. Tarpon take a variety of live baits fished on a light hook and 60lb fluorocarbon. The best live baits are cigar minnows, herring and LY. One of the best things to throw are the Berkeley swim baits in the 6in size. Swim baits drive tarpon nuts! Don’t move the swim baits too fast.

Be very stealthy and either drift, anchor, or use a trolling motor. Your main motor needs to be off to get the tarpon to come to you. You can sneak up on them with a trolling motor.

June-03Spanish Mackerel

Spanish bite all summer, but just not in the numbers that we catch them in spring. We can see the big numbers again in fall. Spanish catches tend to be larger in summer.  

Spanish can be caught trolling the bay, harbor, pass and along the sand bars just off the beach with straw rigs, spoons and Yo-zuri lures. You can also get good numbers of Spanish off the piers and jetties using jigs, Gotcha lures, spoons, bubble rigs and Yo-zuri lures. Spanish are excellent eating, fun and easy to catch, and provide all day fun for kids!!

June-04King Mackerel

Kings will become steady this month and are one of the main targets of charter boats and recreational fisherman alike. Baitfish will begin congregating on nearshore reefs and the kings will hang out with them most of the day. 

Kings can be caught by fisherman in boats in a variety of ways. Troll dead cigar minnows on a duster wigged with a planner or downrigger, use Yo-zuri plugs, Rapala lures, or spoons. Another great method is slow trolling live baits (cigar minnows, herring, or hard tails). Use a stinger or Carolina king rig with a 4 to 8oz trolling lead and troll wrecks and reefs as slow as you can go. 

An effective method of catching kings is the use of a downrigger. When using a downrigger you are looking for a thermacline (a temperature break area at a certain depth in the water). Many of the king will be found at this depth, usually between 25 and 100ft below the surface. Look for schools of baitfish on the bottom machine to find your starting depth.

Pier fisherman will catch plenty of king drifting a live or frozen cigar minnow off the end of the pier. Lots will also be caught casting large spoons, Berkley swim baits 5 or 6 inch size, plugs and big rattle traps.

June-05Chicken Dolphin

Starting in May and throughout the summer chicken dolphin will inhabit near shore reefs, wrecks and weed lines. Every day I am asked where the weed lines are and while we do try and keep track some years there aren't many weed lines. Don’t let this deter you from catching chicken dolphin. Take a newspaper with you. Go to a local reef or wreck and lay the newspaper out over the water. Go somewhere else and fish for about 30 minutes to a hour and come back and most surely there will be chicken dolphin. If it is rough out the paper may not hold up. In this case, if I know it is going to be rough I use tarp with a couple buoys to make my imitation weed line.

To catch the chicken dolphin, troll small spoons or feathers, cast jigs, spoons, Gotcha lures or swim baits. 

June-06Shark Fishing

Pick out a area of natural bottom or large wreck. Mix a batch of chum; some for a chum bag and some for tossing over chunk style. Use a few pieces of bonita or mackerel for bait. Sharks can be caught on boats or from the surf. There are plenty of sharks all year if you just want a tug on the line and plenty in the surf.

You will need an 80lb rod and reel combo with spooled 80lb or 100lb line braid or mono. Your leader should be 150lb to 250lb wire with a 12/0 to 16/0 circle.

Bottom Fishing

June-07Scamp Grouper

Scamp grouper are generally found between 75 to 400 foot of depth, They prefer natural bottom but will congregate on some wrecks. Fishing a Carolina rig with 1oz of lead for every 10ft of water. It’s best to use live cigar minnows, pinfish or frozen northern mackerel.

June-08Red Snapper

Amberjack are generally found fishing wrecks in 50 to 400 ft range, Unlike grouper they tend to like large wrecks rather than natural bottom. Live cigar minnows, hardtails, pinfish and vermillion snapper are preferred baits. Use a carolina rig with extra long leaders, up to 20ft when fish are picky. Amberjack also love butterfly jigs and large swimbaits.

June-09aTrigger Fish

Trigger fish are one of the more tasty fish and fairly easy to catch. Use a 2 or 3 hook bottom rig with circle hooks no bigger than a nickel in size. The best bait is squid, northern mackerel or bonita cut into 1in chunks, fresher is better. They can be caught on wrecks or reefs in 50 to 175 foot depths. Another bait not many people use but very effective is Fishbites or Gulp!

June-10Vermillion Snapper

Vermillion snapper AKA mingo snapper or beeliners are another one of the better eating snappers. In my opinion they are much better than red snapper and can be caught all year. They normally range 1-3lbs but we catch them up to 5-7lbs. If these little guys grew to 20-30lbs no one would care about red snapper. Use a 2 or 3 hook bottom rig with circle hooks no bigger than a nickel in size. The best bait is squid, northern mackerel or bonita cut into 1in chunks. Fresher is better. They can be caught on wrecks or reefs in 50 to 175 foot depths. Another bait not many people use but very effective is Fishbites or Gulp!

June-11Red Grouper

Red grouper, unlike most bottom fish, seem to bite better on what we call trash bait. Trash can be anything from a frozen northern mackerel to a butterflied vermillion snapper. Live baits typically don’t work as well for red grouper. uUnlike other groupers, reds tend to be lazy and we catch them in much shallower water, normally 50 to 150 foot depths. 


These little guys don’t get any attention but if they grew bigger they would be held as one of the top fish in the gulf. Rarely do you see one over 2lbs and most people consider them as trash but are one of my personal favorites for the dinner table. When you filet one, the meat is not so much white as clear and sparkles when you cut it across the grain. Catch them just like you would fishing for vermillion snapper or trigger fish.

Offshore Fishing

June-13Wahoo Fishing

Fish along edges, deep water wrecks, weed lines and rips. It’s best to troll with Yo-zuri bonita, deep running plugs, Ballyhoo rigged on an Islander or soft head lure. Troll 5-8 knots. Downriggers and outriggers can be very effective allowing you to fish multiple lines at multiple depths. Run your downriggers at depths of 50-100ft deep. Try adjusting the depth until you get a bite as you are looking for a thermocline where the bait and fish are located. Also, watch the bottom machine for bait pods as this is a good indication of the depth the downrigger should be. 

June-14Dolphin Fishing

Look for dolphin by finding weed lines, rips and floating debris.  Also look for diving birds and frigate birds working an area. Many times frigate birds will fly over just a single bull dolphin. 

Troll feathers, ballyhoo, live cigar minnows or herring. Smaller lures tend to catch more dolphin than larger ones. When trolling for dolphin fish between 4 and 8 knots.

June-15White and Blue Marlin

Marlin can be caught from May to October. Most marlin are caught at the Spur, Nipple, Squiggles and the Offshore rigs. 

Catch marlin with Ballyhoo, Ssquid, large acrylic lures (Black Bart) soft heads, live bridled bonita and hardtails. Marlin speeds are 5-12 knots. Marlin like weed lines and rips and that is where you find good concentrations of baitfish.

You can spend lots of fuel hunting marlin and other offshore species and using a service like Hilton’s offshore or Roff’s to find fishing locations. They offer offshore temperature, currents, and chlorophyl; all good indicators of where the bait will be, which in turn is where the fish will be located.


Imagine it’s a warm summer night. The seas are running a soft 1 to 2, wind light and variable, stars fill the night sky, and you have a cold beer in hand with burgers on the grill. Everyone is sitting around telling war stories of the one that got away. Lines are set, extra baits are rigged, the Hydroglow’s light spills under the boat turning the crystal blue water an erie green. You can see the 4four buoys marking the lines in the distance. In the quiet still of the night the drag starts screaming, swordfish on the line!!

Swordfish are mostly caught around the Spur fishing the north wall. Most are caught using large offshore squid, whole bonita and northern mackerel. While we do catch daytime swordfish most are caught at night. Fish three lines at depths of 50ft, 100ft, and 200ft deep. 

June-17Yellowfin Tuna

While yellowfin tuna bite all year at the rigs the prime time for fishing them is May-November, this is when they venture closer to home. Most are caught at the Nipple, Spur, Steps, Squiggles and Rigs.

Tuna can be caught in the day trolling ballyhoo, cedar plugs and bullet head lures. Look for birds working bait or pods of porpoise as many times you will find the tuna mixed in with the porpoise.

At night catch the tuna jigging or chunking. Find a good spot and set the sea anchor and start chumming with cut pieces of northern or Boston mackerel. 

Tuna can range form the small football size to well over 200 lbs here along the panhandle area!

Surf, Pier and Jetty Fishing

The surf and jetty will provide plenty of action for those looking for pompano, whiting, Spanish mackerel and sheepshead. 

Pompano and Whiting

Pompano and whiting can be caught bottom fishing with sand fleas, fresh peeled shrimp and fiddler crabs. Another method that can be used is casting jigs from the surf, pier or jetty bounced along the bottom.

June-20King Mackerel

You can catch king mackerel from from the pier using live or frozen cigar minnows drifted off the end of the pier. Also cast plugs or swim baits. You will need to rig with 40 to 60 lb wire because of the teeth on kings.

June-21Spanish Mackerel

Spanish mackerel will be chasing small baits along the coast, use spoons, Gotcha lures and jigs. Look for birds working along the beach and jetty.


Tarpon can be caught at the piers using and assortment of live baits and lures. Rig live baits on a 60lb mono leader with a circle hook or treble hook, the best live baits are cigar minnows, herring and hardtails.

Berkeley swim baits in 6in size are by far the best of all lures and in most cases tend to get mote bites than even live baits. They also take spoons, rattle traps and Yo-zuri plugs.

June-24June-25Ladyfish and Hardtails

Ladyfish and hardtails take spoons, gotcha lures and straw rigs. They can be caught from the pier, surf or jetties. While neither are really good eating they make for hours of fun. Ladyfish make excellent bait if you want to fish for sharks in the surf.


All summer there are plenty of sharks to be caught surf fishing. Very early morning, just before sunset and after dark they can be very plentiful. Some of the piers allow you to shark fish, both of the piers in Panama City Beach and the Navarre Pier allow shark fishing dusk till dawn. You can not shark fish from the Okaloosa pier.

Bay Fishing

June-28June-27Trout and Redfish

Trout and reds will both make their way to the flats now that the weather is getting nice. They will both congregate around boat docks that have deep water access. These trout and reds will bite topwater plugs, Berkeley Gulps, Savage Shrimp, DOA Shrimp and live baits. The best live baits are shrimp, menhaden and finger mullet.

There will also be bull reds near the bridges that lead out the passes. The bull reds like live pinfish and live cigar minnows. Fish a Carolina rig with about a 2oz lead with a circle hook.

June-29June-30Looking Ahead

Gag grouper opens July 1. Amberjack opens August 1.