We hope everyone enjoyed the warmer weather because for the next week we are back to our normal wet and cold one day and cold and dry the next. This may also stimulate the bite for those species that bite better when the temperature drops.

Inshore anglers will be most affected the first couple of days, but thigs should start happening by Wednesday at the latest. I hope so because I’m going to try to get out on the water on Thursday. The one bite that was pretty strong this week was the sheepshead bite and I don’t expect to see that changing much. If anything it might hit us as the water temperature drops. Shrimp, fiddlers, and ghost shrimp have been the top bait for them. Just remember to set the hook before you feel the bite like Joannie Parks does and you to will go home with supper. Ron Davis was also after sheepshead over in East Bay, but a nice surprise when he hooked into this monster striper. Now that’s an outstanding catch and he did it from his kayak. I bet that was fun trying to keep that monster away from the dock pilings. Anyway as you can see there are stripers in East Bay right now and from my experience the striper bite only gets better as it gets colder. 

We’re all hoping that this front will also heat up the dismal bite on the pier. Although there have been a few days here and there where the winter bonita have given everyone a good tug, it’s been teasingly slow at the pier this week. A few whiting, an occasional bull red, and a half way decent bluefish bite some days, but nothing has truly hit us as in past years. I guess the old timers are right when they say the only thing that is consistent about fishing is change!

Speaking of consistency the offshore bite has been pretty consistent when it comes to targeting flounder on the nearshore wrecks. There have also been a pretty good mingo and red porgy bite on many of the nearshore reefs and wrecks with above average size and quantity fish being caught. You will also have to contend with having to get them by the higher number of gag groupers that are in the area right now. I suspect they were pushed here by the hurricane and will be here all winter, so be quick about getting them to the surface. Bottom fishermen should also see a few black snapper, lane snapper, and black seabass coming over the gunnels. This is also the time of the year for us to start catching winter blackfin tuna either by trolling for them along the edge or pitching a jig or live bait to them when we see them busting the surface while bottom fishing.  

That about sums it up folks for this coming week so bundle up because it’s going to get cold this week and “GET OUT THERE” and get in on the bite!

If anyone else has a report you would like to share we would love to hear about it. So drop in at the store and tell us a tale/give us a report or email them to navarre@halfhitch.com