The threat of rain has not slowed folks down from getting out on the water when the weather allows them. Most have been from folks fishing the sound, surf and the pier, but there has also been more than a few from folks fishing offshore. Rain is also in the forecast for the next week so we will all be looking for those weather windows.

Redfish, speckled trout, flounder have been at the top targeted species inshore, but a few folks have also been targeting mangrove snapper around many of the area bridges. Small shrimp and small eel have been the top baits for the snapper. Flounder are also starting to make a showing as more and more are being caught each day on live finger mullet as well as soft plastic lures. Spanish are all over the sound as well as Pensacola Bay and can easily be caught by trolling small crankbaits or mackerel trees near drop-offs in the sound and bay. Jack crevalle are also on the hunt in the sound as well as East Bay. Many of these schools have fish well over the 30 pound range so be ready for a fight if the show-up and take the bait. One of my most favorite artificial presentations is a rapidly worked Yo-Zuri Surface Cruiser popper or Rapala Skitter walk. I like the red and white or chartreuse colors, but I honestly believe they are not too picky when they want to eat and will hit just about any colors so long as it is retrieved quickly.

Folks reporting from the pier and the surf have mostly reported a slow bite. What bite there is has been from mangrove snapper around the pilings and redfish near the surf line. A few Spanish, bluefish, as well as the occasional king, is also being caught. The moon phase diminishing as well as East and South/East winds forecasted for the next week will hopefully blow a few fish and the bite will pick up. Those fishing the surf are mainly catching redfish, bluefish, ladyfish and small sharks when the June grass isn’t too thick. Early morning has been the best bite with it picking up again just before sunset. The shark fishing at night has been steady with blacktips, bulls, and tigers being the most reported catches.  

The weather has not been cooperating much to allow many offshore reports, but the ones being sent in are mostly from folks trolling for kings, mahi, wahoo, and tuna. The king bite is pretty good right now on the nearshore reefs and wrecks, but most fish are under 15lbs. if you’ve got the boat for it head out to the southwest edge and tangle with the blackfin and wahoo. Bottom fishing has by far been the most productive with folks reporting about the great amberjack bite going on. Gag grouper, red grouper, scamp, red porgies, and vermillion snapper are the bottom fishermen’s targeted species right now.

That about sums this up for the last few days and I don’t see anything changing for at least a week so keep an eye on the weather and when you see an opening GET OUT THERE and get in on the bite!

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