The warmer weather has a lot more folks getting out on the water these days despite the fog that has descended upon us. That has meant that we are receiving a lot more fishing reports from folks fishing the surf, the pier, the bays and even the rivers. About the only folks I’m not getting reports from are folks heading offshore. Hopefully that will change soon and I can pass on what’s happening out there.

Most of my reports have come from folks fishing the shoreline and area bridges in the sound and from kayakers fishing the sound, East Bay and even a few of the rivers in the area. Those fishing the sound are finally starting to see a few redfish around the docks. Joey Kokoruda caught some sweet looking slot reds fishing the docks in the sound. Erica Crowder was out of it for most of this week due to being side swiped, but did get in a report of specks in the sound around Hurlburt field. I myself was even able to get in on the bite, but nothing to brag about just a few rat reds. Folks are still catching big black drum in the canals around gulf breeze as well as around the Navarre, Bob Sykes, and 3-mil Bridges. White trout are at times pretty thick around 3-mile Bridge and they are attracting plenty of bull reds. So if you catch a six inch whit trout hook it onto a large enough to handle a bull red and hang on!

We have finally started to see a little more catching from folks fishing the pier and the surf this week and I hope this trend continues. Black drum are leading the pack when it comes to species being caught with most being caught by folks sight casting for them with bucktail jigs. A few bonita, flounder, redfish, bluefish, and pompano have also been caught this week. Folks fishing the surf are pretty much seeing the same thing with the addition though of more whiting being reported as well as everything else. The small whiting are making great bait for big redfish, bluefish, and the occasional shark. Bob Wolfe took his own advice after his surf fishing seminar on Thursday and got into some nice fat pompano on Friday just east of the pier if you’re looking to head out there any time soon. His top bait for the day was fresh shrimp cut into nickel size bits.

As I mentioned above I have not received any reports from folks fishing offshore, but when I do I will pass them along to you.  If you do get the chance to head out I would flounder on the near shore wrecks and reefs holding bait. You may also run into blackfin tuna this time of year so have a couple of rods ready with a pitch bait or a jig just in case they pop up.  Vermillion, Black and Lane Snapper are also available on many of the near shore reefs, but you will have to get through the multitudes of Red Snapper, Amberjacks, Triggerfish, and Gag Grouper that are also holding on these same bottom spots. Grey Triggerfish is opening March first for three months so you will soon be able to add them to your bag limit.  

As the weather heats up so will the bite and it is looking like we are done with the cold weather for at least the next few weeks so “GET OUT THERE” and get in on the bite!

If anyone has a report you would like to share we would love to hear about it. So drop in at the store and tell us a tale/give us a report or email them to