It’s all about getting out there when you see a weather window the last few days and it looks like we are going to see more of the same for the near future. Just keep an eye on the weather this time of the year, avoid the associated lightning when it’s present, and bring a rain jacket or just wear quick drying clothing. I know from my own experience of having a rain jacket with me I usually don’t need it.

Fishing inshore will see more of the same and will most likely not change until the heat of August finally hits us. The reds, specks and flounder are on the flats and deeper docks in Santa Rosa Sound as well as East Bay. Live baits for most will be the top presentation and with live shrimp getting harder and harder to procure here at the store you may have to break out your cast nets.  Even though live shrimp are scarce, pinfish, finger mullet, croakers, and pilchards are getting easier to catch for those needing live bait. At a minimum a 5 foot 3/8 brail net is all you need, however I prefer a 6 foot ¼ inch net because I have fewer issues gilling some of the smaller baitfish. For you artificial fishermen like myself, gold spoons, suspending twitch baits, soft plastics jig combinations and top water hard baits have been the go to presentations. 

Folks fishing the pier and the surf continue to experience plenty of ups and downs. Hopefully that will change for those fishing from the pier as the southerly winds push more and more bait inshore the king bite will improve. Along with the kings will be a few blackfin tuna, mahi, and maybe even a few sailfish. I really don’t see much of a change for folks wanting to fish the surf until the June grass dies off and dissipates. Until then it is impossible to fish in the surf without your lines becoming saturated with algae!

Offshore and nearshore fishing has been outstanding with those who are heading offshore first thing to target wahoo, mahi, and tuna. At the edge and other deep water reefs the targets are grouper and mingo snapper. Within state waters the targets will be kings, blackfin, sailfish, and mahi trolling. Bottom fishermen are targeting grouper, red snapper, black snapper, mingo snapper, and white snapper. Bottom line pretty much everything that is legal to harvest is available right now!

Until next time, tight lines!

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