Here are some tips to help you catch more Amberjack. Unlike the spring when there are plenty of fish near shore we will have to work a little deeper to catch keepers this time of year. I would concentrate my efforts in depths of 150-350ft or water. Amberjacks prefer wrecks over natural bottom so the larger steel wrecks will hold more fish.

You can catch them on vertical jigs or live baits. If jigging you really need braided line 65, 80 or 100lb test to give the jig the best action. Rig the jig on 60 or 80lb fluorocarbon leader about 4-5ft in length. If live bait fishing again make a fluorocarbon leader 8-12ft long with an egg sinker, you need a circle hook the size of a silver dollar or slightly larger. The longer the leader the better.

The best baits for Amberjack are live Hardtails, Threadfin Herring, Ruby Lips or White Snapper. No bait is too larger for a larger sized amberjack. if you have a large enough live well to keep Bonita alive Amberjack love a 2-4lb Bonita as bait!!



Trigger will be on both natural bottom and wrecks mainly in depths of 85-250ft deep. I prefer fishing natural bottom to wrecks for Triggerfish as I tend to find fewer fish but much larger ones on natural bottom.

Make a 2-4 hook dropper rig and use circle hooks about the size of a dime but no larger than a nickel.

For bait, thaw and cut you squid or Northern Mackerel the night before and brine the cut chunks with Bionic Brine. The brine toughens the meat so it stays on the hook better. Once cut and brined store on ice for the days before the fishing trip. FishBites also makes great bait for triggers and vermillion snapper that can be caught in the same area.


As for leads for both Amberjack and Triggerfish I suggest 1oz for every 10ft of water depth.