Now that Snapper season is over there's a lull right before Amberjack and Trigger Reopen on Aug 1st.
The early morning heat is to blame for the slow bite, especially inshore. With the seas rough and the wind blowing hard it's been difficult to get a line out. Storms this weekend really dirtied up the water, cutting visibility and making it hard to spot fish. Despite the weather posing a problem, as it usually does summertime in Florida, Spanish and Kings are biting well, Bonita is thick and bait is everywhere. 

Pier: Spanish are running thick, catch them on Straw rigs. Kings and Tarpon are around in the afternoon time mostly, get them with Swimbaits. There is a lot of bait out there: Hardtails and Cigar minnows with a few Ladyfish mixed in. The water is pretty stirred up from the storms on Sunday but is starting to clear.
A nice sized Sailfish was caught at the Russel Fields pier this weekend, you can watch the video of the fight on our facebook page HERE!

Nearshore: Kings and Spanish running. Some Vermillion being caught, Bonita is thick out there with plenty of bait. The winds are dying down, and the water seems to be calming. It has been extremely hot in the morning, the afternoon is a little bit cooler with the breeze.
Troll for Kings with DustersStretch 25's or with live Cigar Minnows.
Troll for Spanish using Christmas trees, Jig fish or cast into a pod with a Gotcha plug.

Offshore: With Snapper season closed, everyone is waiting for Triggerfish and Amberjack to open Aug 1st. In the meantime fish for Grouper and Vermillion. Troll for Wahoo and Kings and keep a look out for Blackfin Tuna. Troll for Wahoo with Yozuri Bonita or Halco Lures.

Surf: Ladyfish, and Whiting are biting Pompano and Reds are hit or miss. Fish using a double Pompano rig with Fish Bites, frozen shrimp or Squid. Small sharks are biting on squid at dusk.

Inshore: Catch Reds and Trout early morning or late afternoon in the flats or near the Hathaway bridge. Use live shrimp or small pinfish as bait. For artificial bait use Paddle tail, or New Penny Gulp or Mirro Lures