We are in the thick of the summer heat right now; with the water temperatures in the upper 80's and summer thundershowers dumping buckets for days a lot of species have retreated to the saltier cooler waters. Good thing if you have a boat, a bad thing if you're fishing from the shoreline. On a more positive note: you can avoid the blazing summer sun by fishing in the bay at night for Trout and Redfish, or fish the piers at night!

 Whatever way you choose to fish, you can't catch them from your couch; GET OUT THERE! 

Inshore: Good Redfish bite in the grass flats early morning or late at night you can also find some in the cooler water such as deep channels, in the pass, and by bridge pilings. There are some Trout to catch, but they are tough to find during mid-day, again it's best to wait for early morning or late at night. Some Mangrove Snapper near the marina and bridges. A few Flounder around docks use soft plastics. With the water so stained from the rain, it is best to use a bright color such as white or chartreuse to catch their eye. ZMAN Is an excellent bait because it's so tough: you can catch a Lizardfish and still keep your tail. You can also use Tiger minnows or bull minnows to catch flounder.

Offshore: Excellent King bite out past 8 miles or so to get into them lately mostly because of the heat and the rain. There's a good AJ bite over the wrecks. Triggerfish bite good on squid chunks, but Triggerfish candy is moonjelly; catch one of them, cut out a chunk and stick it on a hook they will go crazy for it. Red and Gag Grouper are biting big live baits such as large Pinfish, Ladyfish, and Mullet. Vermillion biting.

Nearshore and Pier: With the water temperatures in the upper 80's and all the fresh water dumping out of the bay from the rain a lot of fish have moved out to deeper cooler waters, caused for not much activity during the days near shore, although there is a TON of bait with Bonita tearing up these pods.

Surf: The rain and heat have pushed a lot of species out into deeper water for the moment, but there are a few Whiting to catch. If you're Super lucky, you can still find a Tarpon in the surf. Spanish are biting Strawrigs and Clark spoons. TONS of ladyfish, not good eating but make decent bait and are fun to catch! Whiting being caught.