Again these summer thunderstorms are creating a problem with all the fresh water pouring into the bay and the wind interfering. Despite the uncontrollable, unpredictable Florida summer storms fishing hasn't been too bad.

Inshore: Parts of the bay up closer to the dam are so full of freshwater that the salinity has dropped from the ideal 32% to 10 or 11 pushing the saltwater species closer to the pass where that salt water is coming in. West Bay and North bay have both been affected mostly near where the creeks empty into it. It is best to hang around near the pass or areas of high tide influences if you're looking for those saltwater species. Mangrove snapper hasn't seemed to be affected by this salinity drop though, and a few reds have been caught under the bridge. You want to be somewhere where the pass is pushing the salt water in and avoid fishing near the creeks and the dam.

Surf: With the storms bringing in rain and winds it's been hard enough to keep a line in the water much less get the line out there. There are Ladyfish galore though, a few baby sharks, mostly small black tips. A Red might come along too.

Pier and Nearshore: Again the weather being hit or miss has stained the water and pushed some species out further. Bonita are being caught, a few Tarpon and a couple of slot reds have been snagged. Not much talk of Kings lately.

Offshore: If you can get out really far to where the water is blue you can catch Wahoo and Mahi. Reports of huge AJ's off of wrecks. Catch them by chumming them up, then ripping a Shimano Orca popper 150 across the top. Then you'll have a big Jack and some sore arms to go home with. You can also use Butterfly jigs and Curltail Glow with a led head to get down deep and snag one. Triggerfish are biting, but they closed in federal waters on the 16th so you can only keep them in state waters. Good bite on Grouper and white snapper.