As the last few days left in Amberjack season get closer the bite has turned on. Almost everyone looking to catch an AJ has the past week.
Grey Trigger season is also wrapping up with huge numbers of them hanging around the reefs and wrecks. A lot of small Mahi or chicken Dolphin are popping up at the piers as well as offshore. They're mostly sticking close to floating Sargassum Weed nearshore.
Other than the few upcoming closures and the opening of Gag Grouper (June 1st) and Red Snapper(June 11th-July 22nd) the bite has been just about the same although it has been waxing and waning with the weather.

Read about the opening of the Gag Grouper season here!

Offshore: Blackfin is running through but you have to rely on a north wind to push them closer in.
Chicken dolphins are showing up in high numbers. Catch them on an Islander or rigged Ballyhoo.
AJ's bite is on fire you can't keep a bait in the water.
Triggers and Beeliners are heavy on wrecks catch them using small bait like squid strips.

Nearshore: a few Cobia have been seen but they're mostly sticking close to the wrecks.
Mahi is coming in closer but staying close to floating Sargassum weed.

Pier: Kings, Spanish, Sailfish and the occasional Chicken Mahi on live cigar minnows or Threadfin herring. You can catch Cigar minnows and Threadfin Herring under the pier with a Sabiki rig

Surf: Sharks are being caught now that it's warming up. A high number of Hammerheads are being caught because they're spawning right now. Hammerheads that have been caught range from 5-12 ft.
Catch Pompano, Ladyfish, and Whiting on a pompano rig with Sandfleas or peeled shrimp. Top both Sandfleas and shrimp with chartreuse colored Fishbites

Inshore: Trout and Redfish are being snagged in lowlight conditions. The bite is best in the early morning or just before sunset. They're biting on live shrimp, Paddletail lure or shrimp imitating soft plastics.