Although tropical storm Alberto wasn't very strong, it thoroughly stirred up the water. The south/ southwest winds caused for poor visibility and a significant slow down for anglers. No one is even catching bait right now.
If you do decide to brave the scattered thunderstorm aftermath of Alberto remember strong currents call for a lot of lead.
Take this holding pattern after the storm as the time to gear up. That way you're ready for water to clear and the fishing to get really good really fast!

Load up your tackle box, spool up your reels, and change out your hooks because as soon as the water clears fishing is going to be phenomenal.
Offshore and nearshore will clear out first and inshore last.
Despite the muddy water and grey skies Kings are still being caught off the pier on live cigar minnows, and sharks are being caught off the shore.

Looking ahead:
After Sunday (June 3rd) the weather should clear up along with the water. Hopefully, this week we will have a break in the storms and get to go fish.
Gag Grouper opens June 1st and Red Snapper is right around the corner (June 11th). 

Tarpon are passing by in their migration this week. Remember to always be respectful of other boaters while on the water trying to find a school.