"Bad weather always looks worse through a window"- Tom Lehrer.
Maybe it was the tornado that passed by or the warmer weather; no matter the cause the fishing this past weekend was great! With people limiting out in the surf with Pompano to anglers snagging Kings left and right off the city pier there is no denying the bite was hot! Dates for Snapper have been set at a 40 day season from June 11th - July 21st. Read more about it here.

If you were brave enough this past week to venture offshore with the dangerous weather we had you were likely to be thankful you did. With reports of catching nice sized Vermillion, White Snapper, Bonita, and few Triggerfish and Red Snapper (catch and release until June 11th of course). Bottom fish for Vermillion, Snapper, and trigger with a double 2 drop bottom rig (chicken rig) using cut Northern Mackerel as bait.

Only a handful of Cobia have been caught this season; it is best to sight fish and throw jigs. Quite a few Kings and Spanish out and about troll with Spoons or Christmas trees.

The Kings were the...(dare I say it)...king catch of the week at the piers. Almost everyone who went looking to catch a King had one over the weekend. Many think it was the pressure change from the storms Saturday and Sunday that caused the kings to go into a feeding frenzy. Hopefully, it was just the warmer weather that did the trick, and they're here for a while. Cobia is still few and far between, but most of the Cobia caught this season have been snagged at the piers.

The nasty storms this past week have stirred up the Bay causing the Trout and Redfish bite to be slow. It should get better once the water clears with the nice weather expected this week.

Pompano bite is still strong with many people catching the limit on the beach. Tip your Jig (if you're fishing with one) with Fish bites, or use Shrimp on double Pompano rigs.