We finally have a winner for our Cobia Photo Contest at the Panama City location!

David Breedlove was the first to bring in a Cobia to our Panama City store and won a $50 gift card!  (pictured below) 

This past week has been a little rough for anglers. Overcast days with the high temperature hanging around the low 70's and the lows dipping into the 40's, and the water temperature hasn't warmed much at all. The wind also posed a problem fishing nearshore. With wind gusts at around 15 knots, the seas were choppy and came in short intervals making it hard for trolling.

Despite the gloomy weather lately, Sheepshead seem to be out and about, also a few Pompano and Triggerfish here and there. Inshore and Surf fishing appeared to be the most lucrative place to fish this past week, bagging both Bull and Slot Redfish, Bluefish, Sheepshead, Pompano, and Spanish Mackerel.

Mike McGraw was able to catch some Redfish and a Whiting from the surf shortly after dark. (pictured below)


Sheepshead fishing is good with live shrimp or Fiddler crabs as bait. Redfish are being caught near the jetties using live shrimp, you might catch a Sheepshead too.  Fish for Pompano with live shrimp and Sand Fleas. Spanish are running although the colder water has pushed them to deeper water you can catch them by trolling with Jigfish, Christmas trees, and Gotcha plugs.


The weather has been a huge factor this week especially near shore. The colder temperatures and the high winds have kept a lot of anglers inside. The winds have made for choppy seas; mostly 2-4' sometimes 3-5'

Despite this, some Trigger Fish are being snagged at wrecks within 5 miles on cigar minnows.


Triggerfish are being caught with Cigar Minnows and Northern Mackerel as bait. Vermilion Snapper(Beeliner Mingo) are loving squid (whole or strips) as bait used on two drop rigs. Try Jigging for Grouper off wrecks using a Butterfly Jig. A few Amberjacks were caught but they are out of season. The season opens on Amberjack 5/1-5/31 and again 8/1-10/31. 


Pompano, Reds, and Black Drum are all biting in the surf. Check out Mike McGraw's Picture at the end! 

Fish for Sail cat and Blue Runners on Pompano rigs. Use fish bites and frozen shrimp as bait.  A few Spanish were caught off the beach using Spoons.


The low water temperature is causing a lack of baitfish, despite this lull, some Pompano have been caught.