There were no new fish kills reported this week and the water conditions have significantly improved "In Northwest Florida over the past week, K. brevis (red tide) was observed at very low to low concentrations in or offshore of Okaloosa County, low concentrations in Bay County, low to medium concentrations in Gulf County, and low to very low concentrations in or offshore of Pasco County." Make sure to check out the FWC page for the recent red tied updates.

Inshore: Lots of Mangrove Snapper around look for them around structures like docks, rocks, and bridge pilings. Catch them with live shrimp or live menhaden. Good bite on Redfish both in the grass flats and the channels. Prospect from the docks with soft plastics. If you're trying to fish the channel use live bait and a weight to get it down there. Some small Flounder around. There are plenty of Ladyfish and Hardtails. A few reports of Trout before daybreak.

Surf: A lot of Whiting, Ladyfish, and small sharks. Pompano are running, but a majority of the catches have been undersized. Some Redfish cruising the beach, if you're lucky you can catch one or sight fish for them with gold casting spoons. For whiting use squid or Fish Bites. Rule of thumb is if your keep hitting Ladyfish or hardtails its best to move instead of trying different bait.

Nearshore: the water is really dirty you need to get out past the 3-4 mile mark to see any good bait pods, Kings, Spanish, or Mahi. If you fish the pier up closer to the shoreline you're going to be catching Whiting, small Pompano and Ladyfish mostly.

Offshore: Once you're in the blue water you can expect to hit Wahoo, Kings, tons of Bonita, and Grouper. A lot of Aj's and Mahi are being caught. For smaller Mahi use Small Swimbaits or small bucktails also use small live bait. For Bull Mahi troll for them with larger live bait and large swimbait. Grey Triggerfish closed in state water yesterday.