This coming Saturday, July 21st will be the FWC's first ever scallop rodeo for St. Andrew's Bay. FWC biologists are in need of volunteers to help replenish scallop breeder stocks from St. Andrew's Bay. Volunteers will collect 50 live scallops that will be placed into predator-exclusion cages to protect them from predation throughout the next year. St. Andrew's Bay isn't open to scalloping any time of the year because of low populations; a result of algae blooms in the past. 

Check-in begins 7am CDT

Scallops returned by 6pm CDT 

Event Details:

  • All scallopers must check-in at designated locations (listed below)

  • Scalloping is only permitted within the designated scallop area (see map)

  • Each individual can collect up to 50 scallops

  • Scallops must be kept alive in a bucket of water

  • Live scallops must be brought back to check-in location no later than 6:00pm


Check-in Locations:

  • St. Andrew’s City Boat Ramp

  • Panama City Marina

  • Bob George Park

  • Donaldson Point

  • St. Andrew’s State Park Boat Ramp



  • Please sign up using the FWC's website CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
  • When prompted, please select your preferred check-in location

Important Reminders:

  • Always practice safe boating – wear life jackets and keep an eye out for other divers

  • Use a diver-down symbol when snorkeling or diving

  • Minors >18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult

  • All collected scallops must be turned into FWC



If you are interested in volunteering at a check-in location, please visit

or contact the NW Region Volunteer Coordinator at  



Please note: Bay County does not have a recreational season for bay scallops. This is a special event for restoration purposes only. Collecting scallops outside of this event is prohibited in Bay County.