Gulf Grey Triggerfish opens March 1st (new bag and size limits)

The Gulf Triggerfish, a reef fish with a reputation for bait snatching, opens March 1st with new bag and size limits.

The new Gulf state and federal regulations on bag limit will be one fish per person, per day, and minimum size limit will be 15-inch fork length.

This new regulation has changed from the 2 per person and a 14-inch fork length last year.

Triggerfish live near hard bottom ledges and artificial reefs. They tend to stay in water depths that exceed 80 feet and are commonly found with Red Snapper because they share the same habitat preferences.

Triggerfish love to eat crabs, sea urchins, and shrimp. Because of their appetite for benthic invertebrates (that tend to have hard exoskeletons), they have hard boney mouths. These mouths make them notorious bait stealers when fishing for Red Snapper. Triggerfish get their name for their anterior dorsal fin which can easily lay down and pop up like a trigger and lock in place. 

Triggerfish are a reef fish and require the use of circle hooks to fish for. We recommend using an Owner Mutu #2 or #4 circle hook

Before you fish for Triggerfish in Gulf state or Federal waters this season, you have to first sign up as a Gulf Reef Fish Angler (annual renewal required).

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The annual closures for Triggerfish are in January, February, June, and July. 

The state record catch for a Gulf Grey Triggerfish is 12lbs 7oz caught near Pensacola July 15th, 2001.