-St Joe Bay-
     Fishing has been very good for the past few weeks. Reds and Flounder are hitting just about anything in front of them. Unfortunately it looks as if Red Tide is going to effect our bay. As of today Sept. 27, 2018 we've had multiple reports of dead fish on Mexico Beach, St Joe Beach and Windmark Beach, as well as some on Cape San Blas on both the gulf and bay side. FWC has closed Scallop season as a precaution. To get the latest updates on the Red Tide map, check FWC'S website for the latest details. 

** As of this morning (Friday-9/28) at George Core Park, plenty of fish activity. Reds, Trout, small Jack's, tons of mullet and bait fish all around as my wife and I fished. A lot of good hits on top water! Hopefully the red tide subsides and everything goes back to normal. 

     Plenty of blue water to be trolled for Wahoo and Mahi. Some good numbers coming just 10-12 miles offshore. Grass lines are holding large schools of Mahi and even some Triple Tail. Rigged Ballyhoo or Flying Fish is the way to go. 
     Bottom fishing for Grouper is still producing good numbers, a lot of shorties coming over the rail and being tossed right back. AJ's are always a fun fight and definitely will give ya a nice work out. Look for floating grass in good clean water!