-St Joe Bay-
     Been a great week of fishing on the bay. Early morning topwater for Trout and Reds is a good way to start the day. Most anglers are choosing the Rapala Skitter Walk or MirrOlure. Another good topwater weedless lure is a Gulp Jerk Shad with a worm hook or a weighted worm hook. Cast it out over the grass and reel the line tight. A few quick jerks and let it fall, repeat and try different retrieval rates if you lack bites. 
     Flounder are still being caught, but not as much as weeks past. Those catching the flatties are using bull minnows primarily. A few soft plastics ZMan Pogys, and D.O.A. Shad have worked pretty well too. 

-Cape San Blas-
     Mainly Sailcats off the beach, a few Whiting and Pompano have also been caught. With that being said, fresh dead shrimp, sand fleas, and Fish bites are the go-to baits. 
     Shark fishing is still hot right now as well. Mainly Bulls, Lemons, and some Black Tips. Most productive baits have been stingrays and big fish heads. Have the proper tools/equipment to release the sharks properly. After fighting a larger shark for an extended period of time it takes that much longer to revive the shark to a healthy state of being. If you can't properly revive the sharks you are catching, switch to a smaller setup and use smaller baits. That will hopefully help with dead sharks washing back up on the beach and they can live to be caught another day. 

     Bottom drops are still producing some massive Red Snapper and Gag Grouper. Some are saying the live bait isn't working as well as the chunk bait, but that's for you to decide! Most of the nearshore spots have been hit pretty hard, but it's worth a drop and drift just to see who's home. 
     Kings and some Dolphin (Mahi) have been caught near the buoy line, off some of the towers and any floating debris. Free line a cigar minnow or troll to cover some water. Duster Rigs for the Kings. Boone Turbo Hammer or the Williamson Dorado Catcher for the Mahi. 

Until next week, fish on!