-St Joe Bay-
     Fishing has been tough. Hot weather equals hot water which in turn equals a slow bite. Fishing early morning before the sun comes up until around 8/9 am is about where you'll have your best luck, especially for top water in the flats. For Reds and Trout target areas in 2/6 ft of water and make sure your fishing a moving tide. I'm my experience during a slack tide, the fishing usually turns off. Live bait under a poppin' cork will also entice a strike. As the sun gets higher in the sky, the fish will go deeper. Switch the poppin' cork out for an egg sinker, 1/2- 3/4 oz is pretty standard. Make your leader a little shorter, 12-14" and use a 3/0 circle hook. At this point I'd start targeting the channels between two flats or flats that have a substantial drop off. Fish will usually hang in those areas and waste as little energy as possible when the water temp is so high.  

-Cape San Blas-
     Not much happening on the beaches right now. Mostly catfish, hopefully we'll start seeing some Pompano in the coming weeks/month. We had a very good run this spring, so I anticipate a good fall run as well. Only time will tell, but we can hope for it! 

     AJ's and Trigger's are back in season! Make sure you check FWC's website for up to date news and information regarding size and bag limits. Kings are still being caught, mahi have been caught on floating debris and grass lines. Bottom fishing is still producing, you just have to get out 10/15+ miles to get anything worth keeping. The only way to find out if the fish are biting is to put a bait and line in the water and see! 

Until next week good luck and fish on!