St Joe Bay- 
     Scallop season kicks off and runs through the 30th of September. Make sure you keep an eye on FWC's website for any new developments during scallop season.
     Some things to remember while out scalloping: Make sure you have your diver down flag! When swimmers are in the water it needs to be flown at the highest point of your vessel. Boaters should keep a safe distance of at least 100 feet. Try to only harvest scallops that look to be mature. Small scallops aren't worth the hassle for the amount of meat you get anyways. Sunscreen up before entering the water and re apply as needed! Lastly, but most importantly only take the legal bag limits. Either per person or if on a vessel, the allowable amount per vessel. All the information regarding bag limits can be found on FWC's website. 
     Fishing in the bay is slowly picking back up, a number of anglers have reported reds being caught around the canal later in the evenings. Live pin fish have been the best bait there. Flounder bite has picked up also! Bull minnows or a jig with a soft plastic resembling a small bait fish should produce a bite. Any ledge or slight drop off will probably have fish on it. Pull your bait horizontally across the ledge instead of vertical. This allows the bait to stay in the strike zone. 

     Getting ready for the Mexico Beach King Fish Tournament next Sat, Aug 25. You can get information regarding the tournament or by calling 850-648-8900.